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Terms of service

About using this website

 This information service is based on barrier-free information provided by transportation operators and transportation facility managers nationwide, and it is operated by The Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation (abbreviated as "Eco-Mo Foundation") .
 Please send opinions and comments on the contents of this website to Eco-Mo Foundation.

About the information provided by this website

 We try to provide accurate and up-to-date information as much as possible, but we and each transport operator can not guarantee the contents of the information. It is customer's responsibility for the use of this website.

 Regarding route search, we use the search engine of Norikae-Annai (Jordan Co., Ltd.). Regarding information such as routes, fares, travel time, etc., we are updating to the latest information as much as possible with consideration for accuracy,but we can not guarantee the contents of the information.

 And we collect and provide information on stations and terminals under the following standards. Currently, not all of these are covered, but we plan to expand the range of correspondence in the future.

Train station

 National railway station:In principle, it covers all railway stations. However, it currently covers stations with more than 3,000 passengers per day.

Air terminal

 National airports:In principle, it covers all airports.

Bus terminal

 National bus terminals:In principle, it covers all bus terminals based on Automobile Terminal Law.

Ferry terminal

 National ferry terminals:In principle, it covers all ferry terminals.

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